About Us

Our Mission

Our Aspiration

1. Advocate a holistic approach to cleft care and management. Promote cleft management protocol and multidisciplinary approach.

2. Create awareness and dignify cleft. Publish and distribute important information for parents, cleft individuals and healthcare providers.

3. Reduce burden of care to both cleft individuals and healthcare providers. Provide advisory and financial assistance, and support Government/Teaching Hospitals.

For a cleft born to receive appropriate treatment to be as normal as possible and aspire to his/her potential.

The main support services we provide include:

Healthy Food

Convert anxiety of cleft parents/individuals into hope and assurance.
Annually, we conduct 30 antenatal cases, attend to 300 new born cases and 400 – 500 cleft related queries.


Provide moral and financial support, and advice to ease burden of cleft care.
Annually, we sponsor 60 – 90 cleft cases and issue 800 – 1000 feeding aids (special bottles, teats and spoons).


Share key information on cleft care and management to allow parents/cleft individuals to make knowledge based decisions.
We offer cleft information sessions for parents and cleft individuals, and CME/CNE for healthcare providers.

Healthy Food

Act as an informal link between parents, cleft individuals and healthcare providers.
We are a member of 6 Combined Cleft Clinics (CCC) in Klang Valley and visit CCCs outside of Klang Valley.


Champion cleft at the national level and encourage activities including research related to cleft.
Annually, we conduct 2-3 cleft campaigns, hold CLAPAM get togethers and assist Universities conducting cleft research.


Create overall awareness through sharing of our experience and collective knowledge.
We present cleft talks at national and international forums, seminars and conferences. We prepare posters, brochures and write books on cleft.


CLAPAM was created to respond to the needs of the cleft community. We are an independent, home grown non-government, volunteer organization formed solely for the purpose of cleft awareness and advocacy. We provide assistance to all Malaysians born with a cleft condition regardless of location, race or religion.


Establishment of CLAPAM by 2 mothers and 3 doctors


Approved as a national organisation by the Registrar of Societies (R.O.S)


Today, we have been around for 30 years. CLAPAM is managed by volunteers who are elected into position bi-annually through the Annual General Meeting. It is a self-supporting body, relying on donations from members, the public and private corporations.

Funds received are channeled into the running of our office and to assist families with cleft children or adults born with a cleft. Our financial accounts are audited annually with relevant documents submitted to the Registrar of Society and LHDN.

Our service and support cover the entire nation (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak). We collaborate with all Government and Teaching Hospitals, and any others sharing the same interest to help Malaysians born with a cleft condition.

We raise funds to help families receive appropriate treatment/therapy and guidance.

CLAPAM collaborates with Government/Teaching Hospitals, Ministry of Health (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia), Corporate Bodies and individuals to achieve a common goal— that is, for Malaysians born with a cleft condition to be accorded appropriate opportunity to live a normal life and be a contributor to the nation.

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