Peer Support

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CLAPAM places the interest of the cleft community foremost in our activities.

A Peer Support Group has been created through Facebook. It is a platform to ask and share experience. It is moderated by CLAPAM and trained individuals to ensure postings are relevant and appropriate. Do join as you see fit. It can be reached as follows:

Additionally, a “Frequently Asked Question” FB Page is also available as follows:

There are 2 types of couselling we provide:

introduction to cleft

Counselling when a cleft baby is detected/suspected during pregnancy

Typically a member of the Hospital O&G staff will inform CLAPAM. However, parents are welcomed/encouraged to also inform CLAPAM when you have been advised of a potential cleft case.

The counselling can be conducted at a mutually agreed venue and time. It may be at CLAPAM’s office, hospital/clinic during mother’s antenatal checks, through phone et cetera. Our objective here is ensure the mother is in good health and be better prepared to deliver the baby.

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Counselling and information sharing upon baby’s birth

CLAPAM has 3 volunteers who are trained to conduct counseling to parents of babies with a cleft. Due to the logistics and absence of volunteers outside of Klang Valley, this support service is provided only in the Klang Valley area. We cover the west (Klang), north (Sg Buloh), south (Kajang) and east (Ampang).

We provide support to all hospitals who contact us regardless of whether there are government, private or maternity homes. Typically, a member of the pediatric ward will contact CLAPAM to inform us of a cleft baby’s birth. We will then arrange for an appointment to meet the mother. The session will focus on cleft management protocol, feeding and overall health of the baby. It is an assurance to the parents that cleft can be effectively managed.
Our target is to be at the hospital within 24 hours of being notified of a cleft baby being born. Cases outside of Klang Valley are typically handled via phone.

Help us bring more smiles to you

We’d love to bring more smiles to you and your family. but we need your help, no matter how small. Why not…

  • Join CLAPAM and help all of us further its aims.
  • Learn as much as possible about cleft lip and cleft palate conditions. If you like, we can send information on cleft to you. Or check out our website at
  • Help us organize local Parent Support Groups and build a strong nationwide network.
  • Make regular financial contributions, if possible, and/or assist in fund raising activities. While the work we’ve put into action is voluntary, and we only as for a minimum of RM10 to cover postage and stationery costs, there are many expenses and outgoings which have to be met.

Whether you are the parent of an affected child, or would simply like to offer your support, we welcome you to our cause. So join CLAPAM today and help us face the future together with a smile.

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