Feeding Tips

The suggestions here serve as a general guideline and best practices. Parents are recommended to understand and follow the practices provides below. If you are unsure of the methods, you are more than welcome to contact us for more info.

Use of Teats with Feeding Bottles


Baby’s position

A cleft child may not be able to feed normally due to challenges related to inadequate suction caused by the absence of a good seal when a cleft baby tries to latch to a nipple or teat. Additionally, milk may aspirate out of the nostril as there is no separation between the oral and nasal cavity (for cleft palate).


Feeding duration

The feeding duration should be limited to 30 minutes. Feeding beyond 30 min has shown to cause tiredness in cleft babies, resulting in energy being lost and weight gain loss.


Feeding frequency

Frequency of feeding as an offset to shorter duration is recommended at every 2-3 hours.


Burping practise

Burping is recommended by lightly tapping the baby’s back. It is also a good practice to burp intermittently while feeding, as well as after feeding.


Placement of spoon

The spoon attachment of Softplas or Mam bottle should be placed at the corner of the mouth. Do not insert into the mouth.


Placement of teats

The teat should be placed at the non-cleft area.


Squeezing bottle

Soft bottle should be lightly squeezed and follow baby’s suckling rhythm.


Monitoring baby

Monitor baby’s intake and visual feedback. Stop feeding if baby chokes, coughs or exhibits signs of distress. Resume only when conditions return to normal.


Cleansing mouth

Water can be given in small amount at the end of feeding to help clean the mouth.

Preparation For Surgery



A baby who is fed exclusively via bottle and teats should switch to spoon/spoon feeder about 10 days – 2 weeks prior to surgery. This is to familiarise the baby with spoon feeding which is required post surgery. It would be best if feeding can be alternated between teat and spoon as early as possible to avoid distress to the baby if introduced at last minute.


Post surgery

Please follow the guidance of the attending doctor. In general, spoon feeding is recommended to facilitate healing and not introduce any stress to the wound area. Liquid diet should be provided (one which can be swallowed without need to chew) for about 2- 6 weeks. Actual duration is subject to doctor’s advise. Hot food should be avoided, especially for post palate surgery. Soft ice cream (in small cups), yoghurt, blended fruit puree or jelly can be given.


How To Use The Spoon

Same guideline apply, that is 30 min durations compensated by higher feeding frequency and tip of spoon placed at the outer edge of the mouth.