clapam agm 2021

CLAPAM Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

clapam agm 2021

CLAPAM’s AGM for 2021 was held on 18 Sept. 2021. It was held on a hybrid mode (some physical presence with majority dialing in remotely) consistent with the ongoing National Recovery Plan (due to Covid 19) and advised by the Registrar of Societies(ROS). Attached are some slides presented at the AGM. In summary, CLAPAM continued to function and provided needed services even though the nation was under pandemic rules (with frequent lockdowns).

Some highlights of the AGM include:

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clapam agm 2021 3
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Election of the committee for the 2021 – 2023 term

Chairperson: En Zainal Azhar Ahmad
Vice Chairperson: Puan Janet Lee
Secretary: Pn Zuraini Ghazali
Assistant Secretary: Pn Lisa Khalilah Khalili
Treasurer: Pn Kalayselvy
Committee Members:
1. AP Dr Farrah-Hani
2. En Mohd Haniff
3. En Hamdan Halim
4. Pn Jaziratul Shila
5. En Khairul Anuar
6. Dr Mumtaj Nisah

Announcement on Cleft Awareness Month

The inaugural Cleft Awareness Month is planned for October 2021. Programs are being lined up and will be announced in phases. The theme is “Embracing Differences” with the “Purple Ribbon” to be introduced as a symbol of Cleft Awareness. Keep an eye out for what’s being planned.

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Announcing the Malay term “KLEF”

A joint effort between CLAPAM and Dewan Bahasa Pustaka has resulted in the term “Klef”, “Klef Bibir”, Klef Lelangit” be accepted as the official terminologies for cleft. They replaced the previous Malay terminology:”sumbing” which carries a negative connotation.

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CLAPAM Chairperson also expressed appreciation and thank you to Government and Teaching Hospitals that continue to support cleft cases even during the pandemic.

The Chairperson ended with a note CLAPAM . . . By Malaysians, For Malaysians